Catherine Dieleman, PhD

Ecosystem Ecologist


Working as part of an integrative research team I ask foundational questions in ecosystem resilience theory by exploring core linkages in boreal ecosystem structure and function as well as their responses to disturbance. My wholistic approach characterizes changes in carbon, nutrients, and energy flows through vegetation, microbes, soils, and the atmosphere from the plot to the pan-regional level. My international research program latitudinally spans the North American boreal, ranging across Alaska, USA, Northwest Territories, Canada and Saskatchewan, Canada, to consider how the mechanistic relationships we find vary through space and time.    


New PhD Opportunities!

The WILD and the NorthCore lab groups are both hiring new PhD students for research centered in Ontario's North. These positions will explore the spatial patterns of mammalian wildlife, vegetation communities, and soil carbon stocks throughout the Ring of Fire region. If you are curious about caribou or passionate about peatlands these could be the perfect positions for you!

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